Texting For Money

If you are not familiar with this work from home side of things, let me tell you all about it.

All texting really involves is this: Clients see the companies ads on the TV or hear them on the radio, telling them about some new awesome chat line, something like this;
"Want a hot babe to chat to right now? There are hot chicks waiting to chat to you and tell you all their secrets tonight! Text HOTCHICK to ******* to instantly be connected to hot singles in your area right now! each text costs £1.50/msg £3/pic"

The easiest way to get started is to get hired by a text chat company. They will do all the hard work, advertising, payments, and giving you the platforms to work off.

You send off your application form, and if you are lucky and they are hiring they usually respond fairly quickly. Also, you will be asked to give your bank details and other private details - this is fine, they are all checked out and are not going to do anything 'funny' with your private details.

Next you will - with some companies - get a 'test' to do. A list of 'example texts' that clients may send in, and you write how you would respond to them. If you get passed through this stage - great! They will also send you a complete manual, telling you all about the service, the rules and pay.

This next step only applies to some companies as not all use MSN or train this way. If the company does it this way you will add your trainer to your MSN (most companies do require you be on MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Skype to keep in touch with you during your shift) And he/she will give you a time and date for your online training. You're nearly there!

This is more about the first company on the list below. On the day of your training, get your computer booted up early, log into your account and get any notes that you may need out near you, also keep the manual handy that was given to you as well, for a quick scan over.

I would suggest about five minutes before the time of your training, that you 'ping' (click on your trainers name and send he/she an instant message) and tell he/she that you are there and ready when they are. I did not do this, did not know that you should and I sat there waiting for over 20 minutes, until an email was sent to my inbox asking why I hadn't turned up for training and was there anything wrong! I 'pinged' her right away, explaining that I was there a good half hour before, waiting. She explained that, she has so many operators on her MSN that it is impossible to know who is there and find them (well she could have done, but let's not go there)

During your online training you will be asked a few questions, you will get to ask any questions you may have (write these down on paper before hand so you don't forget) Then you will be asked to log into the platform, with the ID and password you will be given. Once in there it's all over to you! You can start answering the waiting texts in line, your trainer will be watching quietly and reviewing all your texts. Once you have done about 10 or so if you are OK with them, you will be congratulated and then you are hired and are fully a Text Chat Operator.

With one of the companies that takes on 'Newbies' all the time, they do keep the first couple of hundred texts you do, for the training. After that, all the money that you make is yours. Most pay once a month.

OK, a few things to know now you're in.

  • Somewhere on your screen, you will have a 'notes' section. Use this! For the love of everything holy, use it! Not only will it keep you in the good books of those above - mods and managers - your fellow ops will appreciate it as well. You do not flood this area with things like: "told me he had pizza for tea tonight and that the peperoni was a bit hot." or "gosh what is this guy on! I mean, come on, he's a fat old pig, look at the pictures lol" -- This will get you no where but hated. It wastes space, isn't useful and no one wants to know what you think. Only update the important stuff he/she tells you, location, main hobbies, jobs details, looks, family info etc.  Some companies have you making up the woman's persona from scratch. So if you tell the guy that you're called Debbie and you're a blonde, 5'11 and like to sunbathe all day. And then you don't update any of that and the next op comes along and within the conversation, says she can't stand the sun and hates being so small and fat! Well the guys will click on eventually! As will the company and you will be pulled up on it. 

  • The standard reply length is usually around 120 characters. The guys message will come up on the screen and you will have a time limit within which to answer it, or it will be put back into the que. Try not to miss too many and if you are going away from the computer, log out. 

Try your best to keep the flow of the conversation going. You will get better at it, it all comes with practise. And if you choose texting to be your long term, full time income job from home, then you will getting lots of practise! 

Imagine you're texting a client and it's getting a bit steamy, "so, you're feeling a bit hot right now are you? I bet you want to know what I would do if I was there right now?" -  "His Blah blah blah" - "oh really! I don't think that I have ever had a man texting me in the nude before! You're going to make me blush, red hot soon!" - "His blah blah blah" - "Actually I was just thinking that my breathing is getting a little bit heavier, my hips are starting to wriggle about in my little tight polka-dot shorts, reading each one of your texts" - "His blah blah blah" 
Then you lose him for a bit, his texts go to another Op and when you get him back you read back and see this after your last above text "God I'm blooming freezing you know! Heating in this place is a joke! My landlord doesn't care. What you doing?" or "I've just got back from the shop, had to wrap up out there it's snowing here! They're building snowmen down the street. Stupid weather!" 

OK, see the problem? He won't believe it, you can't suddenly go from being hot inside wearing skinny polka-dot shorts, to coming back from the shop in the raging snow! Also, bearing in mind that he will live in the area you are supposed to be from as well, don't make up freak weather - he has eyes! This is just one of the many ways you will lose customers and may lose your job as well! 

Want to know anything else? Feel free to ask me! 

                                         A LIST OF TEXTING COMPANIES


Not all companies are mentioned here. Some companies like to remain private and are usually never talked about on any forum, blog, and never post jobs online. They usually hire from word of mouth, from someone who already works there. There are also some web based companies (not texting but internet chat websites where all the same rules apply) out there, some of which do pay higher - but they are private as well so you will not find much information on them anywhere. Word of mouth is a big thing in this business and that is why it is always good to get to know people in this line of work and read as much as you can.

Rota ~ You have a set shift pattern to work to.
None Rota ~ You can log in and out whenever you wish to.

Text121Chat      http://www.text121chat.com/

  • None Rota
  • Pays by direct deposit.
  • They hire newbies to texting.
  • Can have dial-up or broadband.
  • High turnover rate - they hire frequently.
  • You 1st 500 messages they keep as their training fee. 
  • They have 3 separate contracts (2000, 3000, 5000 text minimum) to choose from. You have to choose which one you want to be hired for when applying.
  • They have a monthly minimum quota that you have to meet; if the quota is not met, your money does not roll over to the next month - you will not get paid at all - and may have to be just lucky to keep your job.
  • This company also has a Phone Sex Operator side now, so you can either choose to just do the adult texting work or both to earn even more money from home.
  • To apply, email: info@text121chat.biz  

Purple People Plus    

  • They post on http://www.adultstaffing.com/ when hiring.
  • Rota.
  • Prefer UK and Ireland Text Ops, though they have hired from the US on occasion.
  • No experience required.
  • High speed internet required.

No Goats    

  • To get hired here simply add: nogoatsjob@hotmail.com to your windows messenger or yahoo messenger, and when they are hiring they will come online and state that fact. This is the only way to get hired with this company. 
  • Will take newbies to texting, though sometimes only hires for experienced Ops.
  • Rota. Though they used to do none rota as well, still may for some Ops.
  • You have a monthly minimum quota to reach, if you don't your logs in will be blocked - no exceptions.
  • They do rehire old Ops from time to time.
  • High speed internet preferred.
  • Payments do roll over to the following month, if you do not make the minimum payout. 
  • They pay through Paypal.

LiveSexText (LST)   email

  • Rota company. May include weekend working. Required to work 25+ hours per week.
  • They post ads on http://www.adultstaffing.com/ when they are hiring. 
  • Hires from the UK, AUS, US.
  • Experience required, minimum of 6 months, also prefer you to have experience with fetish/domination.
  • Long waiting list.

  • You can only apply twice a year, if you are not invited to training with them. Also, just because you have been invited to train does not guarantee you a spot on the rosta. 
  • Rota, required to work seven hours minimum per week.
  • Experience required. Occasionally they will hire for newbies. 
  • Long waiting list.
  • High paying company at 10p - 16p per message. 
  • Occasionally hires for Tarot. 

Filthy Gorgeous   

  • They post on http://www.adultstaffing.com/ and http://sexyjobs.com/ when hiring. 
  • They deduct £20 - approx $31 USD fee for international - none UK - chat operators within payments.
  • Payments do roll over to the following month, if you don't make their payout minimum of £150 approx $235 USD. 
  • Rota. They require you to work a minimum of 4 hour shifts, 15 hours per week min. 

Wicked Media   Email 

  • Hires only from the US, UK, Cananda and Europe. 
  • Requires you to have Skype installed for training and on shift contact. 
  • Rota.
  • Payment is either by Paypal or paper check. 
  • Very long waiting list. They have currently closed down their website, as they are not accepting any new applicants at this time.

SMS Friends    Website

  • Rota. Minimum 15 hours per week - must work either a Saturday or Sunday. 
  • Payment is by Paypal or direct deposit. 
  • They do not rehire. 

PCTalk   Website

  • NOTE: To work for this company you are required to work both as a Text Chat Operator AND as a Phone Sex Operator - No exceptions. 
  • None Rota.
  • Payment is by Paypal or direct deposit (you must have a UK bank account for the latter payment option) Payment is every two weeks. 
  • Must have Skype.
Some companies that advertise 'Texting Jobs or Fantasy Chat' jobs on http://www.adultstaffing.com/ and http://sexyjobs.com/  These are actually sales positions for their webcam or dating sites. This is not the same thing as being a Text Chat Operator. 

Most companies do not like to be talked about and you do have to sign a contract. 
However, most of the companies - except one or two above - pay very little. If you are just looking for a bit of pocket change then OK, if you are looking to make a full time living at home and a decent wage, then you might want to look elsewhere. 
Texting used to be great, and you could make a good living at it, times change and things have moved on. 
For example: 

If the great company you have just been hired by only pays 3p a text (and some do pay lower!) 

*3p per text.

*If you can do 100 texts per hour (if traffic is there to do that) that is only £3.00 an hour - way below UK national minimum wage. 

*If you work for 6 hours per day at 100 texts an hour (and if you do that you will burn out in no time) that is only £18 for your days wages. Minimum wage is at £5.93 currently and if you were to do the same 6 hours of work you would make £35.58. A big difference for a lot more work. 

So if you did 6 hours per day at £18, 5 days a week £90, by the end of the month if you were lucky you would only make £360. And that is a big push, the traffic isn't always there or if you're just starting out, chances are you will not be too fast at getting good quality texts out there. 


I would love texting to be what it once was, but for me right now it just isn't worth my time. I am looking for full time wages and having a life as well, meaning I don't want to be tied to my computer all day and night, to still make less than what I could taking some minimum wage job outside of my home. 

If you want to give it a go, by all means do. Just my two-pence worth on this subject. 

I will update this page as and when new information becomes available. 


  1. Thank you SO much for this article! I'm supposed to start a seasonal job in April but till then, I need cash. I've been out of a job for over a year and taking surveys all day becomes both exhausting and depressing. I did text121 but got too busy one week and was blocked from logging in and they won't rehire me so, this article is a HUGE help!

    1. I can fully understand what you mean about it being exhausting doing surveys all day, I too have been down that road working from home, though I now only do surveys now and then.

      I did work for 121 as well and as a starter company for people new to texting from home they can be good as they do have many platforms as you know and are busy, they just demand too much for such little pay and are strict on log ins and making quotas.

      Good luck with your job search and I hope that you have found something better now.

  2. what are text121 like to work for and what do they pay for texting? consideering applying



    1. Text121 are the subject of a lot of controversy with text operators, some like them and some would never touch them no matter what.

      If you are new to texting from home then I see no reason why you should not apply and try it out, they have many platforms (you start on one and if you stay they train you on more of them) this will give you the feel for texting from home, the rules and if you think that you could do it as a job.

      The pay isn't great I'll be honest there, it was 5p when I was there and I think they lowered it again for the 2000 contact (the quota that you need to get to stay on with them) there are two other contracts 3000 and a 5000 quota one, but that is a lot of texts to do. Also if you do get on well there and they ask you to be a moderator you can make a little more money doing that as well, though they do expect a lot from you.

      I will be honest as well and say that it is highly unlikely that you could make any sort of good money with 121 or most other low paying texting companies without working 24/7 which would only lead to you getting burnt out and fed up with it all.

      Never put all your eggs in one basket and just stick with the one working from home job, especially with a company like 121 that has been known to get rid of their operators with no notice for any reason they like.

      It is best to keep your head down and just get on with your work if you get a job at 121, follow their rules, never answer back and take everything they say and learn from it. They are a busy company and there was never many times that I didn't have texts to answer, though I did end up working quite a few plaforms in my time there. This is what I did and I got along fine with them and only left due to low pay and family issues at the time.

      In my opinion they do ask a lot of their operators for the pay that they give (there are higher paying companies out there that pay 20p+ per message) But at least it's some money if you have nothing else coming in. If you give it a chance I hope that it goes well for you. Good luck.

  3. When you say characters do you mean spaces as well?

  4. I would like to give this a try

  5. Some of the information is incorrect regarding Text121Chat it needs to be updated. If you would like the new information please email info@text121chat.biz there are no 2000 3000 or 5000 contracts and the price per text is incorrect too Thanks

  6. As with most people in life, when you leave a job for whatever reason be it being blocked or your own free will, some bitterness does raise its ugly head, while I am unsure what Text 121 is like now, I can with my hand on my heart say I had many happy years working for them. Read the rules, understand the contract and keep your mods and manager informed if you have a problem. they are NOT heartless and most of them are like yourselves, working mums. I have no affiliation now with this company but can assure you, as a frightened newbie a million years ago, their training made me the operator I was

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